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So Donphan gets it and Phanpy does, just doesn't make sense to me. Can I just get some closure as to why it wouldn't get it?

Here's some dumb .gifs:


^can anyone not see those?

Also, you could sign this petition to get Phanpy Rapid Spin :) They'll ask you for your name, just make something up.

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aw... it looks like a little wheel :3

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-Junichi Masuda made a typo in his coding o3o-
lol but maybe it was because Phanphy isn't as big as Donphan, and thus, not big enough to blow away 20 feet tall hazards? P;>
You might try and think of other Pokes like Staryu then, but Staryu can use water to make an even stronger spin than poor Phanpy who has to use raw muscle D;

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