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In that replay on turn twenty eight, Regieleki used rapid spin and died due to barbs. How come the spin didn't remove the spikes I set down?


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If you die to rocky helmet/iron barbs, you don't remove hazards.


This is why. If a Pokemon faints due to Iron Barbs, Rough Skin, Rocky Helmet, etc. and uses Rapid Spin, hazards aren't removed, only the target takes damage.

Bulbapedia says the same thing too:

Rapid Spin inflicts damage and then removes the effects of any binding moves and Leech Seed from the user, as well as entry hazards from the user's side of the field (unless the user has fainted as a result of the move, such as from Rough Skin).

Hope this helps!

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Seems to be an unfortunate side effect/unintended consequence of the order in which different effects are applied.  There are some other bizarre edge cases like this of abilities or modifiers being applied in a way that is not 100% expected.
I guess so. It still has been in this order from when damage caused upon contact moves/abilities were introduced, and they haven't been changed as of now too. (according to Bulbapedia).
I see. Thanks
No problem.