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I'm using a mew with this set
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Ability: synchronize
Careful nature
- imprison
- transform
- knock off
- block/fire spin
It's real gimmicky yet effective
So is fire spin more effective? Why?
Plus, any comments on set?
And if fire spin us more effective, shld I just remove knock off and put stealth rock?

Wouldn’t spirit shackle or mean look be better than block?
This isn't Hackmons, so Mew can't learn Spirit Shackle. And Mean Look does the same thing as Block
oops got mew mixed up with smeargle lol. And doesn’t block only last for one turn? I thought it did...
You're thinking of Fairy Lock
Ah ok.

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You definitely want Block here. Because this set is supposed to be a supprise, you don't want your trapping move to suddenly miss on you and reveal your set. Not to mention, the effect of Fire Spin won't last long enough (you need 3 turns to Trap, use Imprison, and Transform, along an at least extra 4 turns of Struggle damage. Fire Spin only lasts 5 turns max) while Block lasts untill they faint or you switch out. The struggle damage migates the need of Fire Spin chip anyway.

For Knock Off, run Soft-Boiled there. This allows Mew to heal and potentially attempt its gimick again.

Thx. but what about taunt. And what if I imprison first, before I block in case people want to switch so as to spare myself one turn of damage, is that advisable?
In compective battling, actually Imprison wasn’t too common
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Fire Spin
It traps opponents and does damage. The only problem is it's finnicky accuracy, and they are freed after 4-5 turns. Block just traps them, but it is 100% accurate and lasts until they faint.

As for Knock Off, I'd keep it. If they have Leftovers or an Eviolite, you'll want to get rid of that quickly. Really though, it's just what you think works best.