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Ability:Pressure or Frisk?
Bold Nature
-Substitute or Protect?
-Rest or Pain Split?
-Toxic or Curse?
-Sleep talk, Seismis toss, or Shadow sneak?

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Why are you not using Aegislash?
because i am using dusclops as a stall to death teammate
Why don't you use Aegislash to stall? Aegislash has better HP and defenses (when holding leftovers), can learn king's shield, and threaten more opponents by pretending to be offensive.
Isn't Dusclops more of a VGC Pokemon?
How does a Pokemon pretend to be offensive?
Most Aegislashes in OU are offensive, so people using stuff like Slowbro or Ferrothorn might think they're threatened, switch, and give you a free turn.

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Well, the Smogon sample set says to use Toxic, Seismic Toss, Rest, and Sleep Talk. So I would say don't use Substitute or Protect, and instead use Sleep Talk.

If you must decide between Substitute and Protect, I would go for Substitute, as it has the possibility of lasting more than a turn.


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How about this, what do you think of this Dusclops?

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Bold Nature
EV: 252 Def/ 252 SpD/ 4 HP
-Pain Split
Its Eviolite-boosted bulk means stalling time. Curse to deal with bulky stallers. Substitute to set up. haze to stop your opponent from setting up. Pain Split to heal HP after losing 3/4 of your entire HP. Pressure to make your opponent lose more PP of their moves. Bold nature to boost the bulk. max defense and max special defense for the amazing bulk and 4 HP to, well, at least its related to stalling because you will need a good amount of HP to stall, but since Dusclops bulk is already sky-high now, I'd do 4 HP.
Yes,and 1 taunt and u are left pathetically struggling
Just need to switch bro