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I have gone to every site that I could , even on Pokemon xy.com... the only thing I could find was that it is banned in some places. It's not where I live. please help me!


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Yon can find the Kangaskhanite at the Glittering Cave. However, you will require two things...

  • An upgraded Mega Ring. To get the upgrade, go to Kiloude City, use the Battle Maison at least once, and look for your rival at the top of the town. Beat them, and go to Anistar City's sundial. Professor Sycamore will upgrade your Mega Ring.
  • The time on your 3DS clock must be 8 PM - 9 PM. By the way, just changing the 3DS' time to 8 - 9 PM won't work. You will have to wait until your 3DS' time really is 8 - 9 PM.

You can find the location of all the Mega Stones here.

Where in Glittering Cave?
When you go into the cave, go forward and take the first right. Follow the path and the Kangaskhanite will be at the end.
This map may help you: http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/1/16/Glittering_Cave_XY.png