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OK, let's start by this. I got a 3DS and Pokemon Y for Xmas. However, before that I had a DSI XL with Pokemon HG, White and Black 2. For transferring those Pokemon( ones in my old DS) Should I transfer the data to my 3DS or can you directly transfer it from one DSI to a 3DS?

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I believe I know what your asking(tell me if I'm wrong) but I think your asking if you can keep all your Pokémon if you put your games in the 3DS. Well, you can keep all your Pokémon, but at the moment you can't transfer it to Pokémon y. As you might have read on the home page, PokéBank crashed, so only a few Japanese people have it. As for you data, only transfer it if you think you should, but I'm pretty sure those games save on cartridge. Yes you can still transfer from HG to black 2 and white, no matter what kind of DS you have. To transfer to y, we have to wait for the PokéBank.
PokéBank has crashed, so it's currently in maintenance; Also, you'd have to do it on the 3ds,but you can't. Until it comes out again, you don't have access to Pokebank.If it comes out again, you'd have to buy it in the eshop in the 3ds. If the Pokebank is like past transferring methods, all you'd have to do is got to ds download play in your DSi (with your game in it) and on your 3ds, start the app transfer option.
Hope I helped.

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What I really mean is: Can I transfer my pokemon on the DSi to X and Y using pokebank? If i can't then i will just transfer my data.
Thx a lot Redring.
Your welcome
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You can only trade from Black/White and their sequels to X and Y by using Pokébank.
For Heartgold, you will have to trade to Black/White and their sequels and then trade to X and Y by using Pokébank because you can't trade directly from Gen IV to X and Y.

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Hope this helped!!

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That's not what I Meant.
I Asked if I Should Transfer my DSI Data to my 3DS for pokebank or if it could be done without transferring the data.
I can't figure out what you're asking. Are you talking about data in the sense of a Pokemon editing programme?
You have to transfer it using Pokébank. Thats what it said in my answer.
My Q was directed at Zekrom (in case you misunderstood me).
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Okay so you're essentially saying can you download Pokebank on a DSi? The answer is no.

Pokebank is a 3DS (and 2DS) exclusive app.

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