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I know it is a dragon-type, but I am not talking about that. I'm talking about why it is known as the Dragon Pokemon. Just look at it. Too fat, too slimy, and too weird.


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Now, Goodra is a Dragon type Pokemon. There's nothing wrong about that. However, I think I know why it is a Dragon type. Let's look at its Pre-Evo, Goomy.

 When you look at Goomy, it looks like a slime or a slug, right? Well, it turns out that Game Freak actually based it off the Blue Dragon Sea-Slug.
 Since Goomy is a Dragon type, there's no point replacing it's evolution with a different type, so I guess Game Freak made Goodra pure Dragon because of that. 
 Plus, the Pokedex Species for Goodra is the Dragon Pokemon.

^That is where I found the Blue Dragon Sea Slug thing

^Where I found its Species

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Thanks, very useful.
Nice answer, I also wondered why Goodra was a Dragon type +1
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The only accurate answer would be because Gamefreak wanted it to be like that. However Sliggoo shares some similarities with Dragonair which is also a Dragon-type. But, Goodra does look a bit like a Dragon to me. Dragon Tail, Dragon Hands, just ignore the goo falling out of it's hands and mouth. But it does look a bit too cute for a dragon-type.

Yeah, that is the only answer possible.