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I have magikarp lv4 stat hp 16 /atk 5/ def 9/ Sp.a 5/ Sp.d6/ Spd11 adamant
i calculate it at serebii result for my ivs value is not exactly it is like between
10-31/0-4/0-14/0-19/0-9 /0-14 but my another poke which is 30+ it become more exact value some thing like 22-31.
1.)which lv is good to start calculate ivs to get the result closer to exact value as much as possible ?
2.)Do you guy have another method to calculate exact value ivs of poke at lv 1?


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It is actually because the level of your Magikarp is too low to calculate its exact IV value. At lv.100, 1 IV point is equivelent to 1 Stat point, but when a Pokemon's level is low, IV doesnt do much, so it is harder to get the exact value of a low level of Pokemon, making the estimate range larger

1) The higher the level, I the range will be more precise. So try to get your Pokemon to level higher than 50 at least

2) Well, you're doing it right, so there is no need. Just level up higher and try it again

thank a lot for answer this dumb question.
i believe when i've calculated stuff in the past at level 20 you have a range of 4 or 5 points that it could be, around 50 i think it gets down to a 2 point range.  make sure you are also putting the EVs that you may have earned into the proper spots so that it doesn't throw off the calculation.  Best i've found is to make a Pickup team and gather a bunch of rare candies, then save your game, level up to get the stats and then reset your game so you still have your candies.
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The only reason Serebii gives those estimates is because you haven't filled out all the information. The more info you fill out, the more precise info the calculator will give you. So try make sure you can fill out a bit more information in order to get more precise results.

Serebii IV Calculator.

Hope I helped. :)