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Possible HP IV: 27-30
Possible Atk IV: 8-11
Possible Def IV: 15-18
Possible Sp. Atk IV: 1-4
Possible Sp. Def IV: 28-31
Possible Spe IV: 20-23

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I assume as many as possible, as that's the point of battle facilities
If you want as many wins as possible, then you'd obviously want your IVs to be as perfect as possible. So these IVs are not "good enough". IVs should matter very little if you want only 100 wins though.
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Just so you know, I edited my answer and added a lot of stuff.

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I think IVs help a lot, but I don't think they are extremely important once you know what you are doing. There's a factor concerning hitting benchmarks whether that's outspeeding something, surviving specific attacks or dealing guaranteed OHKOs on things, but these things are generally team-dependent.

As for Milotic, yes, it's definitely viable! I've used it with great success all the way to Battle 140. I would argue that the best nature is Bold since it needs it's bulk to withstand attacks and well, let's face it, almost all SE attacks will easily 2HKO even if you invest heavily. Well, maybe not heavily, but why are you leaving it in on a Grass or an Electric attack lol? I went for Surf, Ice Beam, Toxic and Recover, but there are definitely options in Light Screen, Hypnosis (if you dare, I wouldn't), Icy Wind for speed control, etc.


I didn't feel this reply warranted taking up space in the thread. In terms of iv's yes considering you will have to do 56 hard battles and likely make multiple attempts IV's will matter. There are certain teams that could probably get by without great iv's like Blissey and slaking base stats are so high they fill their roles regardless of iv's as long as they reach certain speed stats. And if you're using a set up sweeper they will often sweep regardless of ivs. I typically go for 3 iv's but 2 ivs is actually relatively fast to breed (3 takes a long time).

Milotic is viable, recover is very strong but opens you up to death by status moves. Milotic's role is to ressist meteor mash from metagross, surf away nidoking and rhydon, and sometimes to icebeam salamence. Typically bold is used because milotic doesn't have physical weaknesses, so it can be used well against hikers and bug catchers.
But the nature and moves you use can definitely depend on the rest of the team and which matchups you need milotic for.

source: a private conversation with Smogon user dgice

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