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Why was this voted up seriously  come on and they vote MY questions down I mena I can see the problem with like heatran but I mean you can only get one on an event

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Yes,Shaymin is a legendary pokemon like Mew,Celebi and Jirachi

But there were other shaymins in the movie with giratina
There were also three Lugia,one in the movie and two in the anime
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Yes it is and the fact that there are many doesn't mean a single thing about if they are legendary or not! Go check Latias Emerald pokedex description:

"They make a small herd of only SEVERAL MEMBRES. They rarely make contact with people or other POKéMON. They disappear if they sense enemies."

But what about Arceus? What about Raquaza? Groudon? Kyogre? Palkia? Mew? Dialga? Garintina? Ho-oh? Jirachi? Xerneus? Yuveltal?
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