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One of the Eevees in the PC box had the hidden ability adaptability. I definately caught it in the wild, as I do not have a normal-type friend yet, (if Eevee can even be caught in there,) and it wasn't a horde battle.(if it can be caught in a horde) I was thinking: eh? so I checked the ID No., and it was the excact same as my starter Pokemon: Greninja!
So how did that Eevee have the hidden ability? I'm confused, help!


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Actually, eevee's hidden ability is anticipation not adaptability. It's other ability is run away. So your eevee does not have its hidden ability. Oh yeah, and any Pokemon that YOU catch will have the same ID number as your trainer does. Hope this helps!

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I feel so stupid. I was sure it was Adaptability, because all the eeveelutions have only one ability apart from the hidden ability
Oh I also forgot to say that if you have BW2 and got the eevee with anticipation(me or some of my friends could tell you where to get it if you don't have it) you could use poke bank when it comes out.
People get this confused quite a lot. xD