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Hi guys,
I have made my way to the Elite Four on Pokemon X and have a set of five chosen Pokemon that I am going to take on with me of mixed types but am finding a hard decision to choose the sixth one and so need some expert meisters to help me make a good choice.

The current Five Pokemon I have are as follows:

Type: Fire/Flying
Nature: Impish

Type: Water/Dark
Nature: Naughty

Type: Grass/Ground
Nature: Quiet

Type: Psychic/Fairy
Nature: Hasty

Type: Fighting/Steel
Nature: Calm

They are of all equal and adequate levels. I have chosen these for the wide type range and feel the need to reach out further to achieve a wider type set. The sixth slot Pokemon I have come up with are my possibilities however please suggest any other Pokemon for me to use.

My choices are as follow:

  • Gengar (Ghost/Poision)
  • Rotom (Electric/Ghost)
  • Heliolisk (Electric/Normal)
  • Aurorus (Rock/Ice)

It would be great if you could assist in helping me choose my sixth Pokemon! Feel free to suggest any others you feel would benefit my team. Thanks for the responses in advance! :)


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I would go for rotom wash.
It's typing can take down 2 of the elite 4 (fire and water)

Here's the details:

Rotom Wash
Modest or Timid


Hydro Pump
Will o wisp

It can deal MASSIVE damage with hex plus will o wisps and causes opponent Pokemon to do 1/2 attack damage.

Hope I helped!

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