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I'm planning a team for soul silver and I want a grass type my mind is set on the rest of my team
Feraligatr, Heracross, Charizard, Dragonite, and Sandslash but I need an option for a grass type and a substitute fire type until I get to Kanto I was thinking Belossom but I don't know

Any suggestions?

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Based on my very limited experience with HGSS, I would guess that the best grass Pokemon are either Victreebel or Exeggutor, as they can both hit much, much harder than Bellossom can.
I'd say Victreebel would be better.
He's the fastest of the lot, and both of his attack-stats are decent.
He isn't defensive, but bulk doesn't matter as much ingame.

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I might as well try to answer this. It may be a bad answer, but it's probably the best this question will ever get.
The best grass Pokemon in HGSS is either Victreebel or Exeggutor. Unlike Bellossom, they can actually outspeed a few things without depending on chlorophyll. Their defenses may be a bit worse, but that doesn't matter when you're one-shotting everything using better a attack stat and a better movepool. Both of them also get STAB for a type other than grass, which is always nice.
The best fire Pokemon in HGSS would probably be Magmar. It can be found in the Burned Tower, which is early enough, and its stats are pretty good for something that doesn't need evolving.

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Bellossom is a good Pokemon to use if used with Sunny Day and doubles it's awful speed (it's Chlorophyll ability) and has some good special moves (Like Solar Beam and Sludge Bomb), and it's got some decent bulk. If the info I said makes you want to use it, go for it! Hope I helped!

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This was tagged: In-game for HGSS. You NEVER see Sunny Day in-game. I won't downvote you, but please hide this to save yourself from OTHER people downvoting you.
If you're posting completely opinionated stuff on a QA site, then you're probably doing something wrong.
It's not completely opinionated; Fudge has some good points in there.

Also, EvilTwnNeedle, Weather moves in-game are totally a thing. They're really useful for FR/LG elite four... can't think of too many other times I've used them.
Lorelei - Sunny Day         Agatha - Hail         Bruno and Lance - Rain Dance    Against Blue/Rival I've used all four of them.
Even if weather moves were good, there are still several grass Pokemon that are better than Bellossom at using sunny day.
I took out the opinion part, but he did ask in our opinions what would our preferred grass type is that he could use
I upvoted because I ran a very effective in-game rain dance team with no problems
OUR preferred grass type is an opinion. THE preferred grass type is a debatable fact. If someone asked for your opinion, then this question shouldn't be allowed. If you gave your opinion, then this answer shouldn't be allowed. If you stated a fact, then THE preferred grass type wouldn't be Bellossom.
Also the answer is incomplete, because the asker asked for a good fire Pokemon.