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because I cant get males very well. is there anyway to stop females appearing? I am using a good rod. is this related or not?

also a side
question. what happens if you have a clampearl hold a pearl item? is it have any special effects?


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There is no forcible way of making sure a male will appear, but you can increase the chances of a male appearing!

Cute Charm is the answer! It makes Pokemon of the opposite gender appear in the wild 66.67% of the time regardless of gender ratios, when in the first slot of your party. If I were you, I would catch a Skitty from Route 4: it has Cute Charm, and you are more likely to find it female anyway.

These are all the Pokemon with Cute Charm:

  • The Clefable Evolution Line
  • The Wigglytuff Evolution Line
  • The Delcatty Evolution Line
  • The Cincinno Evolution Line
  • Lopunny
  • Sylveon

As for the second question, no, the pearls have no special effect when give to a Clampearl. It's just still going to be an ordinary pearl.

If you want to find out how clampearl evolves, it's right here:

Clamperl evolves by holding an item whilst trading, so you may be getting that item mixed up with pearls.

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thanks. i know the deepseatooth or deepseascale is needed. i was just curious about it. i know what item is needed for clampearl to evolve. i know  this from anime experience and this site.