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I'm up to 484 and I thought that was all I needed to complete it in Diamond. Aren't the rest event Pokemon? I was really happy when I got to 484 but when I went to Prof Rowan he just says "The world is immense. There are many more Pokemon. That means there are many more thrills for you to seek and enjoy!" ;-;

i dont think event pokes are needed, not sure

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No event Pokemon are not necessary to complete the National Pokedex. Though it does feel good to have them :3

Sorce: I've read this somewhere before

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So how is he not telling me anything?
1. you havent seen all the pokemons in the national dex
2. its a glitch
3. maybe you have to Catch them?
4. (put in reason here)
It says seen 484, obtained 484, which is true but when I talk to dawn she starts congratulating me for completing the Pokedex. And when I speak to him on the PC he congratulates me, does this mean I get nothing for completing it? >.<
Yup it's only in Gen V you get something Congrats :D!
But I got a certificate in Diamond when I completed the dex
That was from the Game Creator right? If so that's the only thing though I didn't bother to mention that because I felt it was unneeded