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Sending items from X to Y?

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If I have only one 3DS but both X and Y can I send a charizardite X to Pokemon Y?

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Youu would be able to trade it to yourself over the GTS - Slap it on a Pokemon, and put it onto GTS, though you do run the risk of someone else taking that Pokemon.
People have used that strategy before, and discussed it like here

Just make a stupid trade offer that only you would be willing to do.

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Any other suggestion on how I could do it?
No other way really. Trade to a friend, trade back is another one.
Actually, I think Pokemon sent from your 3DS won't be shown on the same 3DS - the Pokemon is based on it's friend code.
I read it somewhere, but I'm pretty sure I'm right.

EDIT: "I called Nintendo on this, and they said no, you can NOT trade to yourself on the same DS machine over the GTS. Part of your pal code is the MAC address of your DS, and it will not let you trade with yourself on the same DS. You would have to have a second DS, and if you did, you wouldn't use the GTS to trade."
Obviously Nintendo have tried to prevent it, but now I'm looking over the internet and now I'm wrong. Sorry. xD
My school friends all used that method qq
And people from other forums are (look at the link) too :I
K gud, :3
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No; unfortunately not. You will need two 3DS systems in order to trade Pokemon.

I would also say that PokeBank would solve your problem since you can insert your Pokemon X cartridge in the game, send the Pokemon into PokeBank, insert your Y and get the Pokemon onto that game - however, items cannot be put in PokeBank. Sorry. :(

Hope I helped. :)
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Any suggestion on how I could do it?