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I had already asked a question on that, but only for Victory Road, as I didn't know there were also rocks in other places in Kalos.
So can you tell me how to break the others ?

All of the rocks are broken the same way. Because of that, this may count as a duplicate question. I'll flag it and let a mod decide.
Really ? One of them can only be broken with Surf or Muddy Water, and no else can be broken this way
Oh okay. The question should be fine. Guess I didn't read the Bulbapedia page correctly.
Once I got confused and thought the stone walls in the Spooky Mansion place was unbreakable, 'till I found out it needs Rock Smash. Pokémon XY is real interesting.

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Berry trees: blizzard, air cutter, or twister
Round rocks: eruption, heat wave, or lava plume
Thin rocks: surf, muddy water, or water spout
Other rocks: rock slide or hyper voice
Snow piles and sand piles: hyper voice or rock slide
Grass: petal blizzard or razor leaf

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Thanks a lot sumwun