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What would be best overall?


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Rock Polish Imo.

Rock Polish was used on one of the Gen 5 Smogon Torterra Sets, a a lategame sweeper- it gave it the extra speed necessary to sweep when the opponent was weakened, with high powered attacks like Wood Hammer and Earthquake. Even with a paltry base 56 speed, a single Rock Polish gives it the ability to outspeed Choice Scarf users like: Braviary, Sawk, Gardevoir, Rotom-S, and Rotom-F .As a quote from Smogon;
>Finally, Curse could be used, but Torterra is so slow it's easy to revenge kill with common Ice-type coverage or simply a strong super effective move from a faster opponent.

And yet many of the faster pokemon Torterra could potentially be going up against would outspeed it anyway even at +2.
Glaceon for example.
How the heck would glaceon outspeed it at +2?
My bad, for some reason mixed Glaceon and Cryogonal o.e
I should lie down....
Ok, I'm wrong. It really can outspeed Scarf Sawk.
Band sawk is better imo