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He already knows:
Sludge Bomb(Stab)
Petal Dance/Energy ball(Stab)

And also I'm not changing any of these moves I'm happy with them, what do you guys suggest??? I don't have a clue. I'm playing SS

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Ok I have decided I'm going to pick synthesis, thanks for all your help guys!!!

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Synthesis. Healing is Very USeful. Body Slam could be good too, for parylysis.

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Why don't you use Sleep powder to put the foe to sleep. Then you can do major sweeping after you use it.

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Its kinda of inaccurate though but I get what your saying
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I don't know if it works in SS but sometimes when you get Razor Leaf, it will 100% of the time be a critical hit, I don't suggest trying it, as it might just be a waste, but uhm... possibly Solar beam. Very efficient if used correctly.

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