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Okay... I have my perfect azumarill in Pokemon black, but, I cannot use poketransfer with it... all of it's moves are pre 5th gen, and it is built completely legit, except its location of origin. Another important detail is every other Pokemon from pokebuilder. Which includes event legendaries like Darkrai. Also is a lucario that I may have fixed.

Pokebank has a way of detecting if you create a pokemon. If you create a pokemon with like PokeGen or Pokebuilder then it gives it a secret ID. I'm pretty sure the only way to get a pokemon made with a program through Pokebank is to clone it, but i'm not sure. Just keep trying, I guess.
@whatson thanks, now all i need to know is how to clone these pokemon safely

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Is your location somewhere on a Route in Gen V? If so change it to met in Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, or Kanto. You can also put met as an egg but that isn't necessary.

Note: Gen V locations don't work when transferring sorry.

Source: Experience + http://pokebuilder.yuku.com/directory

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Oh my goodness thanks!
Wait is pokebuilder available on kindle?
Probably not since it's an IOS app though in can't say for certain because I don't own a kindle myself sorry :/
Well it's completely fine. Thanks though!