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Alright, so I decided to restart Ruby instead of waiting a 2 or 3 year time span for something that might not even come.
I decided to roam around, remembering the past, as my original save file in a Pokemon game is pretty important to me.
I was staring down at my reflection in a puddle on Route 120, I walked down toward the pond and I noticed that cloud reflections were moving through the water at the puddle I was at, and even at the pond. I was like "cool, never noticed the cloud reflections." and then I heard a Pokemon cry (don't know which one it was, it just sounded like a roar) right after the clouds passed. Is this a glitch? I know that the roaming legendary beasts were originally going to be in the game, so I figured that MAYBE, just MAYBE, I was encountering a glitch with one of them?This only occured to me because Raikou has a cloud back. I'm sorry for the long story in here, I just wanted to explain what happened completely. Was it a glitch, or is there something secret hidden that I've never found in this game?
I know I probably won't get any solid answers, but I at least want to know SOMETHING about what I just heard. I mean, i'd feel pretty good if I found out that I just discovered my own glitch in my first Nintendo (yes, it was my first) game.

Raikou only appears by 2 things:

1. Action Replay or Game Shark.
2. Trade

And maybe a 3,
3. It appears after the main story.
2-3 years.. more like nine months xP

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Actually, this happens sometimes. If you hear good enough, you can actually hear the most common Pokemon in the area cry out. It sometimes happens. It's not a glitch.

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Okay, it is a post game roaming legendary like Mespirit or Cresselia in D/P/Pt.IT is based of your starter:
Treeko: Entei
I believe that's it...anyway, you just ran into the roaming legendary. Good job!
Careful on the Roar glitch though. Here is a link about it.
Hope I helped!

The Roaming Roar glitch is for FireRed and LeafGreen, not the Hoenn titles.
aww, i guess i didn't discover a glitch on my own. THANKS SO MUCH THOUGH! it must've been suicune, i'll listen to my suicune's cry in Y and it'll prob resemble what i heard in ruby. @will, wait wut? so then maybe i did discover a glitch maybe?
It wasn't the Suicune or any of the legendary dogs because they don't appear in Pokemon Ruby. The roaming dog based on the Hoenn starter you pick is also not true as a result.

A quick thread discussing cries heard outside of battle:

Earlier Pokémon games simply had a mechanic where you could hear the cries of Pokémon available to catch in the area on the overworld. That was probably all you heard. In fact, Linoone's cry kinda sounds like a big roar. :P
well my suicune kind of sounded like the sound from ruby, but the one from ruby sounded shorter then suicune's in y.
and will, route 120 is with Linoone, so i know now, thx. i checked my linoone in ruby, didn't sound like the noise i heard :O thanks for settling that out for me though.
I agree with ~-~WILL~-~ Roaming Roar glitch answer.