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I have an Impish Meganium, and I learned not that long ago, that Meganium can't learn Stealth Rock...
Because of this issue for me, must now replace that move with something else. Any suggestions?

• My current Moveset is:
- Synthesis
- Toxic
- Protect
> ???

I was thinking Aromatherapy, Energy Ball, or Something, but let me know what you guys think.


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Always use one last attacking move on a Stall, otherwise Taunters will punish you in no time. I'd say either to use a strong STAB move like Giga Drain (w/ Big Root) or Energy Ball (With Meadow Plate / Miracle Seed / Wise Glasses), or use a more versatile attack like Return for that reliable damage that is only resisted by two types.

Light Screen, Reflect, Leech Seed, Aromatherapy, etc, are all great utilities that Meganium can use (I'm a fan for Pokemon with supportive/Defensive niches), but the idea of a Pokemon like that is not to support TOO much, otherwise you become predictable, and without the element of the unknown, supporters have nothing.

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Well, at least one non-status move would by nice. Giga Drain - but you already have Synthesis, which may be way better. So, the answer is, Light Screen, Energy Ball or Leech Seed (egg move only)

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If you want Attack Magical Leaf is the way to go.

Status you should put Growth.

What do you mean Growth?
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I think you should get light screen because impish is +defence this way if you use toxic and start using protect if protect fails you may survive
aslo you can use endure but only if it is low level