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For example, someone told me I shouldn't have Gyro Ball on Aegislash because it has bad coverage even though it covers Fairy, Ice, and Rock. So what types are best at offense and have good coverage?

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  • Fire

The Fire-type hits 4 types super effectively and 4 not very effectively. Considering how common Forretress, Ferrothorn, Mamoswine and others are, the Fire-type is always a plus to use in a moveset. Hitting 4 common types for super effective damage is cool.

  • Ice

The Ice-type is one of the best types offensively, and get the super effective against Grass, Ground, Flying and Dragon-type Pokémon. Considering how common dragons, grass, flying and ground-type Pokémon are in fact, you will nigh always want to run Ice Beam for supplementary coverage on Pokémon.

  • Fighting

The Fighting-type is also one of the best types offensively and get the upper hand against 5 other types, including Normal, Steel, Dark, Rock and Ice, which is just enormous. Normal-type is generally is neutral, but Fighting hits it super effectively, so ExtremeKiller and nigh all of the early birds in the game (Starly, Pidgey, Spearow, Pidove ....) are no longer resistant. Fighting-type dominates the LC metagame as well. Steel is very common everywhere, and Dark is pretty common as well. As of Rock and Ice, they are rarer, but still present, so Fighting-type is never a minus to have offensively. Now, its resists are common, but when you use Fighting-type, you use other coverage types as well, no ?
In other words, I would love Close Combat Arceus.

  • Ground

The Ground-type hits Electric like no other can. It also have the upper hand against Fire, Poison and Steel as well as Rock. All of these types are common, so you will always want Earthquake coverage.

  • Rock

The last type I will talk about, Rock is similar to Fire where both get the upper hand against Ice and Bug, but this stops here. Rock has another road of glory to the title of good offensive typing, because it hits hard Flying and Fire itself, which is nice to know. Three resists aren't very cool, but what can we do ? Use Rock-type properly.

Other types are cool offensively, but these one are better.

Hope this helps!

~ Sincerely yours, Blitz of Justice.

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All types can be offensive, but not all can have coverage.
Here are some types that have good coverages: steel and rock. Those are the main types that have good coverage. Take shuckle for example, you need at least one hit to take it out, and it's a rock type!
Hope I helped(ish)!

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tbh Steel is a bad coverage compared to other types. Only hitting 3 super effectively , and resisted by 4 types.
Sorry about that