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I going for breedings in my Pokémon Y, I'm thinking in a Water Pokémon for my team. This is for online battles. What you guys thinks is better?

Clawitzer, Kingler or maybe another one (Mega Blsstoise Pulse for exemple)?

(I Love big claws Pokémons!)


I believe online battling is competitive.
Will try and answer this ok...?
Can you even get Clawitzer on Y???
he can manage a trade, but I'd say clawitzer is your best bet, but if you aren't running a mega, I'd run mega blastoise
I think it is more based on your team like if you already have a wall or you want a tank or maybe something else

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Between the two, Clawitzer definitely, the stats are more balanced in terms of defense, 120 base special attack is by no means a joke and considering you can run Life orb and you have Mega launcher, boosting pulse attacks by 50%. You can run Water pulse, dark pulse, dragon pulse and aura sphere and get a 50% boost for all of them. Plus it can take a hit better than Kingler.

From my experience Clawitzer is definitely better.

However, if you're considering using Mega Blastoise that's way better than the previous 2. Really bulky and can dish out serious damage and it also gets Mega launcher and several pulse/aura moves.
As for just any suggestions, the one that comes to mind is Azumarill(Belly jet + Sitrus berry), Choice band, Leftovers).

It all just comes down to what you prefer to use and what works better for you/with your team. These are just my suggestions n_n

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To start off, the Water type is my favorite (just look at my Gravatar), so hopefully I'll be able to provide some useful feedback.

Out of the two you have suggested, Clawitzer is definitely the better choice. Clawitzer has a great ability, better Special Attack (which is good for Water-types), and better stats overall.

Blastoise, though, is better than both of them, and with a Mega Evolution, it's pretty amazing. It's a great tank that also packs a pretty powerful punch.

But since you said "maybe another one," I'll take the opportunity to suggest some awesome Water-types.
First of all, there's Empleon. Empleon has amazing typing, as it is a Steel-type that resists Fire-type attacks and a Water-type that resists Grass-type attacks. Its overall base stats are just as good as Blastoise's, too. I recommend running Scald, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon/HP Fire, and Grass Knot for him.
Swampert is another amazing Water-type. Its stats allow it to tank most moves and then hit super hard. And its typing is pretty much the best around. Don't worry about Grass-types, they have plenty of weaknesses. My suggested moveset would be Waterfall, Earthquake, Hammer Arm, and Avalanche.
Kingdra is an epic Pokémon, as it has great stats and is a part-Dragon type. Because of its typing its only weaknesses are Dragon (which it already has coverage for) and Fairy (which it can get coverage for with Flash Cannon). You can go with either a Physical or special set for him, but I recommend this special one: Scald, Dragon Pulse, Ice Beam, and Flash Cannon.
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