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The opponents gengar outsped my maxed speed modest gengar... Perfect speed IV + 252 speed EVs?

This is a comment since I'm not 100% on this, but I'm pretty sure all the Pokemon in battle institute places throughout the games are EV trained.
I can pretty much confirm what fondant said. Rhydon 2HKO 31 IV Def Garchomp and OHKO Arcanine and Espeon, then there must be EV training out of there. And this makes sense, as the prizes help EV training and other cool stuff like choice items, Assault Vest, Weakness Policy and more.

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The trainers in Battle Maison all have Pokemon with 6 IVs of 31, perfect nature, and 252 EVs on 2 stats.

Source: Gamefaqs

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Is the source a reliable one?
Yeah,Gmefaqs is really reliable.I mean I've seen a lot of people use it.
Just because someone posts it doesn't mean it's always correct ryt?
Believe me,its right.GameFAQ really IS a reliable site.So far,everything we saw on GameFAQ was correct.
What about battle institute?
Probably the same but i don't have a source for the institute.
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Alternate answer and source.

"EVs work much the same as they did in the [Battle] Subway: they are pre-determined for each Pokemon set and will be split evenly across 2 or 3 stats. This gives EV spreads of 252/252 or 170/170/170. I believe there may be some sets that split them across 4 stats (EV spread of 127/127/127/127) but this is extremely rare and possibly not even worth mentioning."

Source: http://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/mastering-the-maison-a-comprehensive-guide-to-the-kalos-battle-maison.3502496/