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while I was battling in the battle maison a hariyama used fake out on my azumarill but azumarill used play rough normally.


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The only explaination I can think of is this: Hariyamas ability is Sheer Force
Sheer Force makes moves with side affects do more damage, but they lose the additional affect. Meaning its Fake Out did more damage but lost its ability to flinch.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Sheer_Force_(Ability)

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forgot it has sheer force thanks
This answer is not fully correct. Tenebrae says that YOU have sheer force, but in the question, you said that the opposing pkmn was hariyama, not your pokemon
there i fixed it :/
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The opposing Hariyama had Sheer Force as its Ability.

Sheer Force negates all secondary effects of an attack excluding recoil damage, stat drops and increase critical hit ratio.

Sheer Force prevents the secondary effect of the moves that the
Pokemon that HAS the ability uses, not what is used ON the Pokemon.

Darmanitan has Sheer Force, therefore his Fire Punch would be 33%
stronger, but will no longer have a chance of burning.

Likewise a Pokemon that has Sheer Force cannot use Fake Out to flinch
an opponent.


forgot it has sheer force thanks