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What are all the moves that can cause Flinch that Shaymin can learn? I know it has air-slash, but is there anything else? It is OK to add moves it can learn from TM-But NOT the move tutor. (No moves here should be taught by the move touter.

One of the best move searches out there: https://veekun.com/dex/moves/search

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From both Land-Forme and Sky-Forme Shaymin, Air Slash is the only move that can be learned that causes flinching - and this move can only be learned by Sky-Forme Shaymin. *There are no TM's that cause flinching.

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Air slash is the only one it can learn without move tutors. If you did learn moves from move tutors, then you can also learn snore and zen headbutt. If it's holding a king's rock or razor fang, then all its attacks can cause flinching.

It can also learn regular Headbutt by tutor in HGSS
Bulbapedia doesn't have transfer only moves. Maybe I shouldn't rely so much on it.
I use Bulbapedia for location and percentage information, but for movesets, I rely more on veekun.