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A lot of people are douches and put in Pokemon that people are looking for but they ask for Pokemon that can't be traded, like mew and victini and all those event ribbon Pokemon. But it intrigues me that it has an option that lets you ignore people who are asking for special Pokemon. Why'd they put that option if you can't even trade special Pokemon?

Simple! Hackers... o.o
^ I approve of this answer lol

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People ask for unattainable Pokemon on the GTS for one reason:


There is a cloning method in which you replace the game's save file with that from before you put the Pokemon on GTS. This is done by inserting the SD card into yoir computer and saving the Pokemon data to your desktop and then replacing your save file with this one after putting the Pokemon on the GTS. Then you take the Pokemon off the GTS (it is still out there even though you replaced the save file) and you have two. People ask for Pokemon people would never want to give them or can't give them to make sure no one takes the Pokemon they are trying to clone.

Hope this explains.

SOURCE: Former knowledge

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I didn't understand much but that made a lot of sense
Lol, yea. It's kinda complicated and hard to explain. Look up some YouTube videos on cloning with the GTS so you can see it.
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Also, people put on impossible requests because they're showing off their Pokemon.

I know its sooo annoying they don't take trading seriously.

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Are you saying gamefreak is letting people show off?