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Hi recently I found oyt my infernape can learn hp grass but I'm not sure if he sgould learn it.
Currently hes moveset are:
Brick break
Flare blitz
And his ability is iron fist
I would apreciate very much yours advice

Please take time to spell, I don't understand what you're saying. It took me a minute to realize you meant 'Hidden Power' by 'HP'.

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No you shouldn't teach it HP Grass unless you're having frequent problems with ground/water types which still isn't the best reason to. You have thunder punch as your water coverage and the ability iron fist to boost that move.

enter image description here

Hope I helped.

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Thank you your right usually I just change when a ground type show ups and with water thunderpuch deal with them so again thank you
Fizz why are you blocking my Flareon set?