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Infernape is a Fire/Fight type Pokémon, and Drain Punch is a Fighting type move. Why is it that Infernape can't learn this move?

There are lots of Pokemon that can't learn moves they should be able to learn. If you want to know the real reason, the easiest way is to write a letter, translate it to Japanese, and sent it to Game Freak. That being said, my best guess is that drain punch was never meant to be a common move, so they randomly selected a few Pokemon to be able to learn it.
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Because nintendo decided that it would be that way, and the only way to change that fact is to contact nintendo or/and gamefreak and tell them why infernape SHOULD learn drain punch. That, or somehow start a giant online riot which manages to catch nintento/gamefreaks eye.

Im being serious here.

edit: Oh yeah! You could also hack, but I wouldnt advise it.

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You mean you WOULDN'T advise it?