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if a charizard uses dig and the oponent uses E-quake would charizard get hit cause it underground and it loses its flying type?


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I went and tested this just in case, here is a Pokemon showdown(!) replay of the test battle.

As you can see, it doesn't affect it.

Credit goes to pancakez for helping me o3o!

enter image description here

Source: experience

Hope I helped!

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What server is that? Btw nice answer.
The server is gold, at least i think.  I think i see a latias in the background
The server is Gold, yeah. And thank you :>
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>No Charizard wont get hit by Earthquake even if it used dig.

Source: Experience.

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No, it can't, unless the move 'smack down' has been used, which means flying types can be affected by ground types.

There are a bunch of other exceptions, like gravity, iron ball, ingrain (with baton pass), and thousand arrows.