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In all the Pokemon games I played when you beat a gym there is a statue outside the gym or inside that says that you and your rival only have qualified (or beaten I forgot) that gym but we cant be the only ones to beat the gym right?

Am I the only one that noticed this?

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Yeah, but the game mainly revolves around you and your rival, as the main characters who have a Pokémon and constantly battle, right? And the statue (I think) says

Certified Trainers:

Player's name
Rival's name

Anyway, I bet the number of people who have beaten the first gym wouldn't fit onto the front/side of the statue.....

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Anyway, the names are CARVED on the statue (like the Gym Guides say when you have beaten the gym)
If you mix records I believe the person you mixed records with would appear, I'm unsure though. :/
Thnx :D
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No, but you're the only really important characters. It won't just say random trainer names because you knowing what Aroma lady of Black belt beat the gym doesn't matter at all :P

OR maybe it just says the two most recent trainers who beat it, that's a possibility.

Remember, it's a statue, not an LED board. Furthermore the Gym Guides say it's CARVED
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Another question that can only be answered correctly by the creators of the games themselves. However, I think their reason for listing just you and your rival's names is pretty clear...

There isn't any point in listing anybody else. Sure, there probably have been other trainers who have beaten the Gyms, but the developers most likely wanted to stick with the main characters of the game rather than list a bunch of random names on those statues.