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Why do we have shiny Pokemon?

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I want to know... because shiny Pokemon are cool and I-...just please tell me why... pretty please with cheri berries on top...

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I do not understand the point of your question, how would we know this? And I'd rather Razz berries thank you very much :)

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Well, I guess there isn't really an answer to that. My opinion is that the people who made the actual Pokémon game wanted to add another purpose or quest for us to catch 'em all. Shiny Pokémon are unique, rare, and vivid, who wouldn't want that? It is just another way for us to strive for achievement. That IS what we are made for, right?


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Well, nobody but Game Freak knows answer to this one. Maybe they just wanted to add something unique to the game, or maybe it all started when they wanted different colored Gyarados in G/S/C. Seriously, there are some things that only Game Freak, but only they can answer. There is also previously asked similar question.

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