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I use the fishing method for shiny hunting water types in Alpha Sapphire on Route 119, I desperately want a shiny Feebas. However, shiny Magikarp keep appearing and I don’t have a Super Rod, so I can’t avoid them. I can’t wait till Sootopolis City to get a Super Rod. Is this some sort of glitch? Or am I just really unlucky?

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You're not "unlucky", the odds are against you. :P

With Old Rod:

Encounter Chance: 60% Magikarp, 35% Tentacool, 5% Feebas

With Good Rod:

Encounter Chance: 60% Magikarp, 35% Carvanha, 5% Feebas

With Super Rod:

Encounter Chance: 60% Carvanha, 35% Sharpedo, 5% Feebas

No matter what Rod you use, you will have a microscopically low 5% encounter rate for Feebas. You'll have to search a lot to get a Shiny Feebas. If you do use a Super Rod, you can encounter a lot more Carvanha rather than Magikarp.

So, unfortunately, it is very difficult to get Feebas in general. Hope you do get a shiny one someday!


Hope I helped!

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And if you find a Carvanha and are bored just sing Havanha