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I use the fishing method for shiny hunting water types in Alpha Sapphire on Route 119, I desperately want a shiny Feebas. However, shiny Magikarp keep appearing and I don’t have a Super Rod, so I can’t avoid them. I can’t wait till Sootopolis City to get a Super Rod. Is this some sort of glitch? Or am I just really unlucky?

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You're not "unlucky", the odds are against you. :P

With Old Rod:

Encounter Chance: 60% Magikarp, 35% Tentacool, 5% Feebas

With Good Rod:

Encounter Chance: 60% Magikarp, 35% Carvanha, 5% Feebas

With Super Rod:

Encounter Chance: 60% Carvanha, 35% Sharpedo, 5% Feebas

No matter what Rod you use, you will have a microscopically low 5% encounter rate for Feebas. You'll have to search a lot to get a Shiny Feebas. If you do use a Super Rod, you can encounter a lot more Carvanha rather than Magikarp.

So, unfortunately, it is very difficult to get Feebas in general. Hope you do get a shiny one someday!


Hope I helped!

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And if you find a Carvanha and are bored just sing Havanha
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In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Feebas may be found normally in any tile and with any rod, but their rate of appearance is low in most parts of the route. However, if the player fishes in the water under the bridge by the Weather Institute during the daytime, Feebas will appear in those tiles 100% of the time. This also happens when the player fishes in the water close to the stone northwest of Pokémon Ranger Catherine, near the route entrance, during the nighttime.