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I was just wondering about Helping Hand. It increases the power of your partner's move by 50%. So you have two choices:
1. One attack move at 150%.
2. Two attack moves at 100% each.

So are there any situations where HH actually works well?

EDIT: Sorry made a typo, "opponent" was meant to be "partner". I'm well aware HH is for double battles. I'm asking whether it's actually worthwhile in double battles, because you could just attack with both Pokemon.

For example, Psychic+Psychic = 180 damage, but Psychic+Helping Hand = only 135 damage! You wouldn't normally use the same move on two pokemon but you get my point.

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I agree fully with this.

Although some pokemon who learn hh are only there for support because having one pokemon (that knows hh) who is bad on both attacks with a pokemon who is a sweeper against an opponent with both pokemon with high defenses/hp, so the extra damage will be useful.

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Yes, I can see your point here. Using HH on a defensive Pokemon would be a good strategy.
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Well not if it's single battling but in doubles, it is good for extra damage so yeah.

Its also good for Super contests.


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Yes but it only increases damage by 50%, my question is why don't you just attack with both pokemon and do more damage?
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Double batteling is mostly why hn was made

(generation III)

its just helpfull then but on nomal battle its not usefull at all

(information is from serbii )

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What is hn?
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well, if the pokemon with HH has low offenses, HH might be viable to boost the other pokemon's attack power, bet other than that it has no use..

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