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At base 180 speed, Deoxys is, by far I may add, the fastest non-uber Pokemon. Even most Pokemon wearing a Choice Scarf can't keep pace with it.

However, the honor of fastest non-legendary Pokemon goes to Ninjask at base 160.

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Is Deoxys no more Ubers ?
Deoxys-S is OU lol
Deo-S is OU for now. But I wouldn't be surprised if the lords of smogon deemed it too good and banned it later on
They already suspected it for OU, and it stayed, so why would they do that?
The metagame changes gligurr. Things change. Insert poetic imagery about change here
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Deoxys-S is with 180 base speed.
Ninjask is second
It has base 160 speed.
third would go to electrode with 140 speed.
Top 100 speed Pokemon: http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/stat/speed.shtml

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You forgot Deoxys-S js.
Gen 6 mechanincs qq
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I was kidding
If Ninjask has speed boost it only takes one turn to become faster than Deoxys-S.

(I managed to catch a shiny nincada so I have a shiny with speed boost #swordintheair).