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Like with Unova and the Castelia ice cream, Hoenn with the Lava cookies, and Kalos with those pastry things, what is the main little snack in Sinnoh?

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Old Gateau

Old Gateau

Old Gateau can be used to heal poison, paralysis, sleep, burn, freeze and confusion.

Gen III- Lava Cookie

Gen IV- Old Gateau

Gen V- Casteliacone

Gen VI- Lumiose Galette

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What about poffins?
Poffins are not part of this list, all the items above have one thing in common this being that they can be used to cure a Pokémon of poison, paralysis, sleep, burn, freeze and confusion. Poffins are the successors of Pokéblocks in Gen IV, in the sense that they raise either the Beauty, Tough, Cute, Cool, or Smart condition of a Pokémon in a Contest
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Sinnoh has the Old Gateau.

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