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Hah. Got you there, didn't I? No? Oh well.
I just wanted to ask which Pokemon are food-related, or could be interpreted as food. It's for a team I'm making. Thanks!

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Exeggcute (eggs)
Exeeggutor (coconut tree)
Psyduck (duck)
Golduck (duck)
Tauros (Beef)
Politoed (frog legs)
Sunkern (sun flower seed)
Magikarp (fish)
Goldeen (fish)
Mareep (lamb)
Flaafy (lamb)
Octilery (octopus)
Miltank (beef)
Torchi (chicken)
Combuskken (chicken)
Blaziken (chicken)
Seedot (nut)
Shroomish (mushroom)
Breloom (mushroom)
Spoink (pork)
Grumpig (pork)
Barboach (catfish?)
Corphish (crab)
Crawdaunt (crab)
Krabby (crab)
Kingler (crab)
Feebas (fish)
Cherubi (cherry)
Cherrim (cherry)
Buneary (rabbit)
Lopunny (rabbit)
Finneon (fish)
Lumineon (fish)
Tepig (pork)
Pignite (pork)
Emboar (pork)
Basculin (fish)
Duclett (duck)
Vanilite (ice cream)
Vaniluxe (ice cream)
Vanilish (ice cream)
Deerling (deer)
Sawsbuck (deer)
Foongus (Mushroom)
Amoongus (mushroom)
Amomomola (fish)
Bouffalant (beef)
Cobalion (deer)
Terrakion (beef)
Virizion (deer)
Chespin (nut)
Quilladin (nut)
Chesnaught (nut)
Froakie (frog legs)
Frogadier (frog legs)
Greninja(frog legs)
Bunnelby (rabbit)
Dggersby (rabbit)
Swirlix(cotton candy)
Slurpuff (cotton candy)
Inkay (calamari)
Clauncher (lobster)
Clawitzer (lobster)
Pumpkaboo (pumpkin)
Gourgeist (pumpkin)
Xerneas (Deer)

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You forgot Basculin. The Black 2, White 2, Y, and Omega Ruby Pokédexes state, "Red- and blue-striped Basculin are very violent and always fighting. They are also remarkably tasty."
However, I can't blame you, as your list was so good.

(Edit) Never mind, I didn't see it. Sorry!
you forgot all the birds and eels
execute is apparently a tropical plant that's poisoness, I wouldn't particularly include it in food obviously its an egg that drops from exxegutor when its dmg and hangs off but its still apparently a psn one. game desginers were gonna make exeggutor poison grass in beginning but went with psychic hey its still pretty bad unless fire teams associated
Farfetch'd (wild duck with leek). And who in their right mind would eat Barboach???
How could you forget Tropius? Its a Banana Tree that grows Edible Bananas!