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So I started to play Blue Rescue Team like half an hour ago.
I'm just coming up to the battle against Skarmory. I am a Squirtle and my partner is Torchic.
I know Squirtle will not be able to do anything against Skarmory so I was wondering would I be able to chose what moves Torchic uses and use Ember?

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In the PMOD Darkness/Time/Sky, you can 'switch' your partner's moves. For example:

Say I have a Vulpix as my partner with the moves Imprison, Fire Blast, Extrasensory and Feint Attack. I go to my partner Vulpix's "Moves" summary. I want her to use only the move Extrasensory. I select her first move, Imprison. It will say 'Switch' as one of the options. I 'switch' the move, and Vulpix will no longer use Imprison until I 'switch' it back on. I repeat this for Fire Blast and Feint Attack, and now Vulpix will only use Extrasensory in combat.
Also, if you do not want your partner to use the normal attack, 'switch' the IQ Skill "Exclusive Move User" on. This means that your partner will only use battle moves and not the basic attack.

That is how it works in later PMD games; I'm not sure if that's the case for Red/Blue Rescue Team.
It's the same for Red and Blue Rescue Team.
Thanks as well @ Astronautical

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Like Astronautical said, it works the same for Red/Blue Rescue Team. I do this to prevent my Umbreon from spamming Moonlight when it's HP is full. Also, I suggest changing your partner's IQ skills and switching it's moves 1 floor before or during the boss battle. This is to save PP for your most important move, Ember (or you can switch off Ember) so that you can conserve your Max Elixirs and save bag space.

Thanks :)
lol, I hate recovery moves on partners. Instead of waiting until they're in critical condition, they lose 3 HP and then SYNTHESIS!
I beat it, hurray!