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It's a rainy morning here in Italy, thus I'm stuck in the office and I can't get out.
Plus I'm starting to feel my focus shiver as my hunger is slowly making me realise that my stomach has been growling for the last 15 minutes.
So, without a trace of common sense, I went on google image and searched some food pics to ease my cravings.

I found this:
enter image description here

Thus, here's my question
How many pokémon are food related/could be used for a meal?

Let me know database, in the meanwhile I'll go get me a sandwich.

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Well after looking at that photo anything could be used for a meal..
I don't recall Dugtrio being food related?
Um...exeggcute and vannilish.And I think he is asking what pokemon could be made with food or something.
I know but I doubt anyone thought Snorlax could be made out of sushi XD? Most pokes could probably be made out of food
I get what you mean though yeah
You can visit the cafe le wow room in showdown. Also, I found a similar question: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/235958/which-pokemon-are-food-related

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Any Pokemon, if you're artistic enough, could be made using food.

If that's not what you meant, then, Bulbapedia here has a list of food products that are sold internationally.

If that is still not what you were looking for, then certain food-based Pokemon that I remember off the back of my head are:

  • Vanilish/ Vanillite / Vanilluxe - Based on Ice Cream (Vanilla flavoured, specifically)
  • Exeggcute / Exeggcutor - Based on eggs
  • Kingler/ Krabby - Based on, well, crabs (Surprise, surprise!)
  • Tropius - Based on a palm tree/ bananas
  • Corphish / Crawdaunt / Clauncher / Clawitzer - Based on lobsters
  • Fish Pokemon (too many, but, Lumineon, Magicarp, Alomomola, and the rest. You get the idea).
  • Cherrubi / Cherrim - Based on cherries.

The last one, I found on this thread on Gamefaqs.

And, finally: This similar question on DB is gold.

I'll add more as and when remembered.

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I have a sudden craving for seafood...
Did you list Slurpuff and Swirlix.
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There's also always slowpoke tails!