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Ok I looked at flinching and I thought of a strategy. If you have a Pokemon with serene grace(doubles chance of flinching)and you use a move like air slash with a 30% chance of flinching it would double to 60% plus kings rock would be 70% chance. So if I send out 2 Pokemon with serene Grace I could flinch a lot unless they have an ability. Am I missing something?

I'm sorry to tell you this, but these strategies have been around a long time. Combine that with paralysis to make it so that they almost never get to move.

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No, it doesn't work like that.

>For example, a Serene Grace Pokemon using Air Slash while holding King's Rock has a 0.6 + (1 - 0.6) * 0.1 = 64% chance to flinch.

You could send out 2 Pokemon with Serene Grace and flinch hax everything, but remember that only Togekiss has Serene Grace & Air Slash, since Shaymin-sky is not usable over wifi (it reverts to Shaymin when put into a PC box). The other Pokemon that have Serene Grace don't have Air Slash, closest being Dunsparce with Headbutt.

King's Rock

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Ok thanks. 64% is still a good chance though!