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So for wi fi battles I thought of a teqhnique that is all based on groudon and kyougre and these pokemon :

g-doun-abilety drought to start things up

then it battles once it goes down arcanine comes out with the moves sunnyday solarbeam flare blitx and morning sun

if this fails then moveing to plan b kyougre goes out does his thing makeing it rain

then a flotzel comes out with swift swim
it knows dig aqua jet ice fang and rain dance

as for sunny day teqhnique I need a back up pokemon for arcanine I thought charizard with sunny day flamethrower solarbeam and d-pulse or ninetails with solarbeam(no energy ball cuz theres no charge) flamethrower extreamsenssory and sunny day

as for the rain dance teqhnique I thought about milotic but with its moveset I cant cover elec types ice beam rain dance hydro pump and dragon pulse for maximum strengh

so the question is if this teqhnique is good enough to work or not and can I improve it

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I see what you're trying to do:

You want to make an Omni-weather team.

However, Omni-weather teams usually don't fare well, because the battle strategy becomes extremely static (By that, I mean that you have to follow a specific order to send out all Pokemon, set up, etc.). By the time Kyogre comes out, I can guarantee that the opponent would realize the other half of your strategy, and counter you.

Like I said, I see where this idea was going, but the average opponent would stop this in its tracks after three Pokemon.

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