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It knows over heat~ thunder~ double team ~charge


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It looks good, but it needs a move to cover its ground weakness. Teach it Ice Fang by breeding and replace it for charge. I personally like Double Team as an annoying move, so keep it. Overheat??? What is the point?? Id say replace it for Toxic for Poisoning or Rain Dance to rise Thunders Accuracy.

In other words,
Ice Fang, Double Team, Toxic/Rain Dance, Thunder.
Hope this helps Manetric...

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Manetric has quite a small movepool

magnet rise - prevents getting OHKO by an earthquake

Thunderbolt,discharge - no accuracy flaw

thunder wave -cripples the foe can be replace with something else

and one last move for type coverage

I personally don't like ice fang since he has low attack

perhaps ice hidden power?

I'm waiting for other people's opinion.

Over heat for the grass types ....... they are very annoying