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I know balziken has blaze kick, Chesnaught has spiky shield, I think greninja has water shruiken, But what are all of them?

Blaze Kick isnt a signature move,other pokemon can learn it too. and i think Water Shuriken and Spiky Shield are the only 2 starter signature moves...
Mystical fire for Delphox is also a signature move

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Please note, that I have included the Gens next to the moves. What this means is that the particular move was/is their signiature move IN THAT GEN ONLY. So that means for example Venusaur line - Frenzy Plant (Gen III), Frenzy Plant was Venusaur's signiature move IN GEN III

Venusaur line - Frenzy Plant (Gen III)
Charizard line - Blast Burn (Gen III)
Blastoise line - Skull Bash (Gen II), Hydro Cannon (Gen III)

Typhlosion line - N/A
Feraligator line - N/A
Meganium line - N/A

Sceptile line - Leaf Blade (Gen III)
Blaziken - Blaze Kick (Gen III)
Swampert line - Muddy Water (Gen III)

Torterra line - N/A
Infernape line - N/A
Empoleon line - N/A

Emboar line - Heat Crash (Gen V, VI)
Serperior - N/A
Samurott - N/A

Greninja - Water Shruiken / Mat Block (Gen VI)
Delphox - Mystical Fire (Gen VI)
Chesnaught - Spiky Shield (Gen VI)

Also note that the moves Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon became available to all the starters in Gen IV only.


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