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If you look at the end of it's wings, it has 5 black things that look like they may be fingers.

Is the end of Yveltal's wing a hand? Does Yveltal even have wings and are they arms?

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Yveltal side arms are apparently wing's =''YVELTAL'' Bulbapedia=

veltal is a large avian-like Pokémon. Its body is dark in coloration and is adorned with grayish patterns along the underside. Yveltal's wings and tails have three points extending along the edges, close to where they meet the body. There are five large claws on each appendage, three of which curve inwards. Yveltal's underside is bright red, with branching, black markings. Similar markings are present on Yveltal's head and neck.

Source = information from site.

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Well, Yveltal is able to learn moves like Dragon Claw and Cut, which can require claws.
In my opinion, it might have hands, although I would call them "claws" because of the moves that it can "use with them".

I am suspicious of the quotes on use with them xD