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Second highest. I already know the highest amount of damage you can deal by using a...

+6 Power Tricked 252+ Defense EVs & 31 Defense IV Shuckle using the final turn of a Defense Curl boosted Rollout on a -6 Level 1 0- Defense & 0 Defense and HP IV Combee on a Critical Hit.

So what is the second highest amount you can deal under different circumstances?

a 16 IV -defense combee probably :P
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a 16 IV -defense combee probably :P
This is probably wrong lol, but I might as well guess lol. Triple battle, 3 weaviles, choice banded, adamant nature, 6 ivs, 252 attack, using Beat-Up move, against a lv1 combee :D Lol to be honest, I don't think anyone knows lol
Great, just another question to add to our list of unanswered questions -_-
The *Second* most damage to a Pokemon is not so obvious
A Rampardos 252 Attack EVs Full IVs attack Swords Dance 3 times a critical hit Head Smash on a
Level 1 Happiny (Rampardos needs Choice Band too) Happiny with 0 EVs in defense this would end up dealing 412 HP dmg
Level 100 Rampardos Item:Choice Band
Ability:Mold Breaker Nature:Adamant
EVs:252 Attack (All you need)
-Head Smash
-Swords Dance
Happiny Lvl 1 Item:None
Ability:Serene Grace Nature:Lonely
Put a moveset here
Ending up with 412 HP dmg
Source:Countless Tests
this isn't going to be unanswered for a long time though. I'm 99% sure its just a +6 Huge Power  Rollout Rampardos with Metronome, Helping Hand, blah blah lv 1 Ledyba critical hit and that stuff
+6 252 Atk Choice Band Mold Breaker Rampardos Head Smash vs. -6 0 HP / 0 Def Happiny on a critical hit: 620272-729733 (4771323 - 5613330.7%) -- guaranteed OHKO

+6 252+ Atk Choice Band Huge Power Ho-Oh Sacred Fire vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Dry Skin Paras in Sun on a critical hit: 949456-1117012 (8631418.1 - 10154654.5%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Already wrong. Ho-oh doubles that.
Its probably the shuckle one, but with +5.
^ haha, might have a point there :P

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Welp, by trying to prove that Shuckle could be beat, I accidentally
proved that he is still the best.

After reducing the critical hit multiplier from 2x to 1.5x, Swampert's
new maximum damage output is 566,702,568.

However, after much research, Shuckle can learn the move Mimic through
a FR/LG/E/XD Move Tutor, which means that Shuckle can also use Ice
Ball. Here is what I found out:

User's Team:

Shuckle @ Metronome Level: 100 Ability: Any IVs: 31 Def EVs: 252 Def
+Def Nature Maximum Defense: 614
- Defense Curl (Emerald Move Tutor)
- Power Trick (D/P/Pt/HG/SS Level 48)
- Mimic (FR/LG/E/XD Move Tutor)
- Any


  • Skill Swap
  • Forest's Curse
  • Screech
  • Any

Cherrim Ability: Flower Gift

  • Sunny Day

Cherrim Ability: Flower Gift

Opponent's Team:

Noibat @ Any Level: 1 Ability: Any Ivs: 0 Def Evs: 0 Def
-Def Nature Minimum Defense: 4


-Ice Ball

Greninja Ability: Protean

Medicham Ability: Pure Power

Have Smeargle use Forest's Curse on Noibat to add a Grass type Have
Smeargle use Skill Swap with Greninja to get Protean Have Smeargle use
Skill Swap again to give Shuckle Protean Have Walrein use Ice Ball
Have Shuckle use Mimic to copy Ice Ball Have Shuckle use Defense Curl
for 2x power Ice Ball Have Shuckle use Defense Curl until Shuckle is
at +6 Defense Have Shuckle use Power Trick Have Smeargle use Skill
Swap on Medicham to get Pure Power Have Smeargle use Skill Swap again
to give Shuckle Pure Power Have Shuckle use Ice Ball until Metronome
is at maximum potency Have Cherrim use Sunny Day to activate Flower
Gift for both Cherrim Have both Cherrim use Helping Hand on Shuckle On
Ice Ball's 5th hit, get a critical hit

To make things simple with the calculation, I'm keeping out the super
effective and critical hit calculations until at the end.

Psypoke's Damage Calculator:

Your Pokemon:

Shuckle @ Metronome Level: 100 Type: Bug/Rock Att/Spec Att: 614
Def/Spec Def: - Stat Modifiers: 6 Ability: Pure Power

Your Opponent:

Noibat Level: 1 Type: Normal (for easy calculating) Att/Spec Att: -
Def/Spec Def: 4 Stat Modifiers: -6 Ability: Ignore Ability

Your attack: Ice Ball

Swampert's Item: Metronome Number of Consecutive Uses: 10

Global Battle Effects:

  • Sunny Day
  • Defense Curl
  • Helping Hand
  • Partner's Flower Gift

Defense Curl boosts the base power for Ice Ball with a 2.0× multiplier
Helping Hand strengthened the power of Ice Ball with a 1.5× multiplier
Shuckle's Pure Power boosted its Attack with a 2.0× multiplier
Shuckle's partner's Flower Gift boosted its Attack with a 1.5×
multiplier Shuckle's Metronome strengthened the power of Ice Ball with
a 2.0× multiplier Shuckle gets the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) for
Ice Ball

MAXIMUM DAMAGE: 26,737,002

26,737,002 x 1.5 (additional Flower Gift) = 40,105,503 40,105,503 x
1.5 (additional Helping Hand) = 60,158,254 60,158,254 x 1.5 (new Critical Hit multiplier) = 90,237,381 90,237,381 x 8 (3x Weakness) =

yup, this is actually the most damage a Pokemon can do. if we then simply remove 4 of shuckle's attack EVs, the result would be the second most damage
feel free to clean up, anyone

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*takes a bow*

What about the most powerful attack thing with shuckle with +6 and all the rest of it, but with 1 less attack EV? Wouldn't that be closer to the most powerful than the one you came up with?
ok, I should never have answered this >.< tell me if theres more flaws you can see though im pretty sure this is right

What about: +6 252 Atk Choice Band Adaptability Mega Mewtwo X Helping Hand Dynamic Punch vs. -6 0 HP / 0- Def Happiny on a critical hit: 1846840-2172756 (7387360 - 8691024%) -- guaranteed OHKO
(1846840, 1868568, 1890296, 1912024, 1933752, 1955480, 1977204, 1998932, 2020660, 2042388, 2064116, 2085844, 2107572, 2129300, 2151028, 2172756) Copied from Smogon
721,899,048 is more than 2,172,756