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I calculated a 24x using this:
Ground type Pokemon uses Earthquake on a digging Aggron with a critical hit.
Aggron has a 4x weakness for Ground moves, so 4x.
Earthquake hits Pokemon using Dig for double damage, so: 4x2=8x.
STAB: 8x1.5=12x.
Critical Hit: 12x2=24x.

I have 3 questions:
1. Are my calculations correct?
2. Is there anything that can go pass this?
3. How would these items affect with the 24x combination: Ground Gem, Choice Band, Muscle Band, Soft Sand, Life Orb, and Earth Plate.

What if he has an Earth-gem?

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Well this is the most I can think of
Excadrill sand force in sandstorm with ground gem and e quake
Gem activates first x8
Then dig damage x16
Then stab x24
Sand force 31.1
Critical hit x62.2
That maybe wrong but if you use excadrill lv100 against a hacked lv 1 aggron with out sturdy and used swords dance untill Atk is maxed out then aggron used dig then you use e quake
That could be a contender for most damage possible if this is correct which I think it is
Hth now correct
For the other two questions
Choice band - x1.5 on Atk so doesn't really have much to do with base power but
Life orb - x8x12x15.6x31.2 -x31.2

Earth plate and muscle band - x8x12x13.2x26.4 -x26.4

Soft sand - x8x12X15x30 - x30
I think that covers it all thank god I'm done took me ages ;)

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Can you answer for the other 2 Q's I put?