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If you have a skitty/delcatty with normalize and a ghost type comes in, your basically done for.

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Cuz GameFreak hates Skitty and Delcatty

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Well... I have two answers

1) The obvious one: Gamefreak made it that way
Maybe they added it so there is a variety of abilities, etc.

Since normalize is skitty/delcatty's special abiltiy (no other Pokemon can have this ability normally), it boosts up their low attacking power.

Hope I helped!

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it's for STAB. That's it.

just like Truant and Slow Start I would consider it a hindering ability, since Normal isnt SE against anything , resisted by 2 types and has no affect against Ghosts.

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when i refresh my page...2 answers show up: your's and mine XD
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I just had to throw an answer here.

In normal tiers Normalize is a not very special abillity except the fact that it sucks. But in fun created tiers where you can have any ability on any Pokemon, You can take a ghost Pokemon with block and skill swap and give it normalize. You start with using block, after that you use skill swap to give the foe Normalize which changes the type of the foe's moves to normal type moves. After you done those two thing he will be able to do nothing. He can't switch and if he attacks the move will miss sisnce normal type moves has no effect on you.

Also you use skitty for the cuteness not for the strength.


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