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Ok so lets say I had a Charmander, Adamant nature. Its IV was "Likes to run" Then I gave it 10 Proteins, and 10 Carbos. Is that the same as using charmander in super training and maxing out its attack and speed? furthermore, if I level it up to level 100 will have maximum attack and speed when its a charmander?

Btw IVs have no effect in EV training.

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No, that would not have maxed out Attack and Speed, and it is impossible for that particular Charmander to have maximum stats in Attack and Speed. For these reasons (these are probably going to confuse you so don't worry if they do!):

  • Each Vitamin only increases EVs in the stat by 10. So you'd have 100/252 in Attack and Speed after using 10 of each of them.
  • The characteristic ("Likes to run" in this case) does not guarantee that the stat it indicates has 31 IVs, in only guarantees it is the highest out of all the Pokemon's other stats (or at least tied for highest). The characteristic also indicate the IV's value. "Likes to run" indicates Speed, and means that Charmander's Speed IVs are 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 (according to Serebii). Since the highest possible IV value is 30, it is guaranteed that your Charmander cannot have maximum Speed IVs. This also means that it cannot have maximum Attack, because if it did have max Attack IVs, its characteristic would have been "Likes to thrash about".
  • You cannot have the highest possible stat in two stats, because of how Natures work. It only gives the 10% increase to one stat (same with the decrease). Since it has Adamant, it cannot have the highest possible Speed, but it could have the highest Attack. However, as I stated before, its IVs won't allow this.

As for the Super Training question, the answer is technically no. They both increase EVs, but the difference is that Vitamins only work for the first hundred IVs, whereas Super Training will work right until it caps at 252. If Vitamins worked until the end like Super Training does, then the answer would be yes.

More info Characteristics (would have linked to Bulbapedia but apparently they're having issues with malware)

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Thanks and you've cleared things up for me!

I have a another question if your able to answer it :)
No problem! Glad I could help :)
Ok my question is, if I have an Adamant Charmander, With "Likes to Run" IV, I super train its attack/speed/and hp. level it up to level 100, is it a good competitive pokemon?
It's useable, but of course it won't be as useful as it would be if it had ideals IVs (everything perfect except with 0 in the offensive stat it doesn't use, if any). You never know; although the chance if small, its IVs could still all be in the late 20s, which would basically make it just as good as one with the ideal set of IVs.
Basically, after EVs and natures are perfected, IVs are what it boils down to. This is also assuming it evolves into Charizard, because Charmander online is useless :P
Lol yeah I meant to say evolve to charizard haha! Thanks a bunch fizz!
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Using vitamins gives only max 100 Evs not the total 252, so after giving proteins you have to super train till another 152 Evs.
So at level 100 it won't have max attack and Speed unless you super train or horde train the rest of the Evs.
Hope I helped:)