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I was using Sweet Scent in Pokemon Forest on X, and, in a certain place, I encountered 4 Trevenant and 1 Sudowoodo... Is this natural?

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Yes, that's completely normal; in fact, there are several other occasions where Pokemon of different species will appear in hordes. Bulbapedia lists them:

  • A Plusle horde on Route 5 will always include one Minun in Pokémon X, and vice versa in Pokémon Y.
  • A Zangoose horde on Route 8 will always include one Seviper in Pokémon X, and vice versa in Pokémon Y.
  • A Nidoran♂ horde on Route 11 will always include one Nidoran♀.
  • A Roggenrola horde in Reflection Cave may include one Carbink.
  • A Tauros horde on Route 12 will always include one Miltank.
  • A Durant horde on Route 18 may include one Heatmor.
  • A Trevenant horde on Route 20 may include one Sudowoodo.

They seem to be themed in some way; for example, your horde with Trevenant and Sudowoodo is based on trees. Other matches include Plusle and Minun, which are counterparts, and Zangoose and Seviper, who are rivals.